About Alma Explores

Alma Explores creates meaningful travel journeys for the curious and mindful explorer. We partner with local communities to bring you cultural experiences and private curated trips that educate, inspire, and feed the soul. 

We source local partners and guides that are genuinely committed to sustainability and only lead small-group explorations. We keep resources where they belong, in the communities where we visit.

We keep our group excursions intimate because the essence of travel isn’t just the destination, but the company you keep along the journey.

Alma Explores is building community and helping travelers gain confidence through life-changing experiences and carefully curated explorations. By supporting Alma Explores, you are also supporting a 100% Latina-owned and operated small business.

About Alma

Alma is a world traveler who started exploring as a small child while living in a motorhome where the Pacific Ocean was her backyard. A native of Southern California, Alma has traveled to over thirty countries, and lived, as well as worked in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Juarez, Mexico and New York City.

Now, she is bringing her travel expertise to curate experiences for the curious explorers looking for a guiding hand. Alma is most passionate about empowering women of color (and of size) to face their fears and explore the world. 

She is also extremely passionate about sharing her Mexican culture with the world. Her goal is to expose people to the other sides of Mexico, the gems hidden within it’s 32 diverse states. Alma believes that overtourism in Mexico has not only displaced many locals but also caused irreversible environmental strain, and aims to do her best to promote responsible tourism and combat media stereotypes about the country of her roots. Growing up in a Mexican household, where Spanish was her first language, and road trips to visit grandparents and cousins to Mexico where the norm, her connection to Mexico is an intimate one. You simply can’t beat the knowledge that comes from growing up immersed in the culture and customs of a place, not to mention the insider knowledge that she provides while on her trips.

A first-generation Mexican-American, Alma has explored all of Mexico, has hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and loves Japan. Alma wants to disrupt notions of who gets to see the world and what a travel influencer looks like. Travel is for everybody and every body and Alma wants to bring you along for the journey. 

In 2021 (through 2023), Alma will continue to explore the diversity in Mexico through small curated and private group trips and plans on expanding her excursions to Africa in 2023.

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"Alma Explores is an amazing way to travel. Curated itineraries with the best”must do’s” and options to do more, or relax and chill. Either way you never feel like you’re missing out. Alma listens to the group to curate a solid itinerary based on your vacation goals. This is travel for grown people who still love to have a good time".
"Alma Explores is who you want to arrange your travel! I’ve gone on a couple trips and Alma takes care of every detail. If you are looking for a trip that is filled with culture, attention to detail and one amazing fun time, Alma Explores is who you want to work with".
-Jocelyn Bigay
"If you want an immersive cultural travel experience look no further - Alma Explores should be your #1 choice!  Alma is a knowledgeable, passionate traveler which makes her curated trips so special.  Her itineraries are rich with culture and great cuisine, always leaving me wanting to extend my trip.  I’ve booked 2 vacations with Alma so far and can’t wait to see what she’s got up her sleeve for the next trip".
-Scean Ellis