icon_Small Group Travel
Invite Only Small Group Travel

Want to join one of carefully curated trips with like-minded travelers? Alma Explores small group trips are by invitation only. Because travel is not only about where you travel to, but who you travel with. We want you to build community beyond your travels. Alma herself will be your personal host. Share in the adventures, while making new friends!  Average group size is between 4-8 travelers. You must be on our mailing list to receive invites. Confirmation on a space available basis.

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Private Travel

Can’t join one of our small group trips and would prefer to explore the world with your friends, family or solo.  Let us curate a private trip tailor made just for you and those you want to travel with. Our private trips can accommodate up to 10 Guests, providing your group with an intimate way to enjoy immersive and authentic experiences.

icon_Custom Travel Itinerary Planning
Custom Travel Itineraries

We specialize in itineraries to our favorite places including the US (in particular, California and New York), all of Mexico’s 32 states, Japan, and Tanzania. However we have travelled to over 33 countries and can craft anything from a road trip to Baja, to an art and design trip to Barcelona. 

Customized itineraries start at $135 per hour and typically take 2-6 hours depending on length of trip.

icon_Off-Site Meetings & Retreats
Off-Site Meetings & Retreats

Event planners at our core, let us execute your next off-site meeting or company retreat. Now that so many of us are working remotely, small off-site in person meetings, especially if they can be had outdoors, allow colleagues to have more of a physically intimate team meeting, relieving digital fatigue. Small in-person off-site gatherings help bring cohesion to teams, particularly for newer employees meeting their managers and colleagues. Although we may have adjusted to working from home, nothing beats a face to face connection!

icon_Cultural And Mexican Business Etiquette Consultancy
Cultural and Mexican Business Etiquette Consultancy

Working on a project targeting the US Latino or Latin American market? Going on a business trip to Mexico but don’t know what to expect? We will help you get it right! As a first generation Mexican American, who grew up in the San Diego/Tijuana region and has lived and worked in both the US and Mexico, we will help you navigate this diverse landscape. With 33 countries in Latin America, and 32 states in Mexico alone, Latinos are far from a monolith.  Work with us and let’s ensure that your content is properly representative of the people, cultures, and backgrounds. 

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Location Scouting

Interested in hosting an event or doing a film or television shoot in the US or Mexico, but don’t know where to begin? We can help you!